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AAC Judge's Clinic October 15, 16 and 17 2021

Application's Deadline August 25th 2021

Top Skill K9 Field

Friday, Saturday and Sunday  15,16 and 17 October 2021

All Levels, English clinic

Facilitator: Susan Miller and Assistant Wendy Beard

The agility ring is secured with a 3 foot high fence and gates!

In order to apply for any level of AAC-sanctioned judge’s training, the applicant must:

• Be eighteen years of age or older on the first day of the judge’s clinic being applied for.

• Be a Regular/Associate AAC member in good standing for at least 4 consecutive years (1 Provisional + 3

Full) on the first day of the judge’s clinic being applied for. (181208)

• Have been involved in the sport of agility as a competitor for at least 3 years.

• Have trialed at least one dog to an ATChC (or equivalent), OR put multiple Masters (or equivalent) titles

on one or more dogs.

• Be physically capable of performing the duties of judging. Such duties include, but are not necessarily

limited to: moving through the ring during building and wheeling, standing for long periods of time, moving into position to judge each dog as it is running without interference or undue distraction to the team on course, being able to clearly see the dog and handler as they move around the course, signalling faults or points so as to be clearly visible to the scribe.

• Have access to Clean Run Course Designer, v. 3 or higher.

• Provide a personal reference from a current Masters level judge, not of the same household as the

applicant, attesting to the suitability of the applicant to train as an AAC judge (a separate letter from a different judge is required for each judge’s clinic level being applied for).

The following will be considered assets to a candidate’s application to attend a judge’s clinic, and may be used to prioritise entries:

• Judging experience in other agility organisations, or in related sports (e.g. dog obedience, rally obedience, equestrian events).

• Demonstrating a commitment to the betterment of the sport, by regularly volunteering at trials, in any capacity.

• Knowledge of the sport of agility and its goals, by being a trial host, an agility instructor, or an assistant instructor.

Currently running a dog at the Advanced level or equivalent (Master’s level or equivalent for Master’s candidates), or higher.

• STRONG preference will be given to applicants who can document that they have already secured sponsorship from a trial host, who has agreed to provide the required number of classes and dogs (including offering no charge FEO runs, if desired – note that no charge FEO runs must include a proviso to the effect that the dog MUST run the full course for the run to count toward the required number of runs judged) to fulfill the provisional judging requirements WITHIN ONE YEAR of the date of the judge’s clinic. (181206) PLEASE NOTE that this is an exception to the general AAC prohibition against soliciting assignments. Judge candidates at every level are actively encouraged to seek out sponsorship, and may negotiate (e.g. offer to forgo expenses during a provisional judging assignment) with potential host clubs to secure their provisional assignments.

 Eligibility to Attend a Starters/Advanced Level Judge’s Clinic:

In addition to the general eligibility criteria outlined above, attendance at a Starters/Advanced level Judge’s Clinic requires that the candidate must also:

Demonstrate a familiarity with current AAC rules and judging guidelines by scoring 85% or higher on the pre-clinic entrance examination. This is an open book exam. The grade achieved on this exam may be used to prioritize entries – refer to section: “Prioritizing Applications” in the Hosting a Judges Clinic, Clinic Guidelines.

• Design and submit FOUR satisfactory sample courses (must conform to current AAC course design guidelines, as found in the most current version of the AAC Rules and Regulations, and the Judge’s Handbook), using CRCD software. These include:

 Two Starters Standard courses.

 Two Advanced Standard courses.

*At the discretion of the Clinic Facilitators, other courses may be added and/or substituted.

Starters-only judges who wish to upgrade to Advanced judging should refer to Section IX-Upgrading.

Eligibility to Attend a Masters Level Judge’s Clinic:

In addition to the general eligibility criteria outlined above, attendance at a Masters level Judge’s Clinic requires that the candidate must:

• Have completed an approved AAC Starter/Advanced level Judge’s Clinic, and received satisfactory scores in all sections of the examination.

• Have successfully completed the provisional judging requirements for Starters/Advanced judges, and be released from supervision.

• Hold a valid Advanced judging permit, with no current suspensions, and no disciplinary actions related to judging on their record.

• Have been judging at the Advanced level for a minimum of 12 months, starting from the time of the candidate’s Practical Examination.

• Have judged at least FIVE different assignments, for at least TWO different clubs. These assignments must have been completed with no substantiated complaints from the trial host, and must include the following courses:

 a minimum of 100 dogs and a minimum of Ten ADVANCED Standard courses.

 a minimum of 40 dogs and a minimum of Four ADVANCED Gamblers courses.

 a minimum of 40 dogs and a minimum of Four ADVANCED Snooker courses

 a minimum of 100 additional dogs and a minimum of Ten additional courses, at least six of which

must be at the ADVANCED level.

There is no minimum number of dogs required in any one class. The number of dogs judged is cumulative over classes and trials until the minimum number of dogs to be judged in each class is met. (181207) 

*****Application package will be provided by email after we receive the Online registration.*****

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