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Make a fun stop!

Sign up and learn how to teach your dog that stopped contact are fun!

The subject:

Stephane will teach you his 2on-2off technic using a nose contact on a clear disk! In a day where running contact are trendy, Not everyone can run fast enough to be able to handle a running contact. This class will help you teach your dog how fun are Stopped contacts so he will always stop and will run full speed on the obstacle in order to go do his stop!

This class is for:

  • Experienced dogs who have a stop contact but have some difficulties with it.
  • Experience dogs who have a running contact and want to learn a stopped contact.
  • Dogs who have never learn stopped contact or/and never done the contact obstacles.


To sign up for this class you need to have access to the the following:


  • A video recording device (video camera, cell phone or else)
  • A google account with a youtube account on the same email address. (Gmail address needed) If you don't have one, We will provide instruction on how to create one(Free))
  • A clear disk or a small square of clear fiber glass(5"X5") (that's the minimum for the class)
  • Dog treats and toys.


  • None

Cost: $200

No observer spots are available. (only working spot) Because we believe you have to try it in order to see that it works! :)

Duration: 12 weeks

The teacher: Stephane LAFOND: "I will provide you with videos of exercises to complete.  I will answer all your questions related to the class topic, I will watch your videos and comment on what was good and what to improve.  I will watch videos and reply to questions at least once a day! 

Bilingual classes: The video are recorded in english. But I can provide explanation and comment in French if you need. 

**No refund of any kind will be done if you decide to stop or quit the online classes. 

How do the online classes work: 

  1. Once you have paid, We will provide you with a link and a code to join the online class. 
  2. I will post a video of the exercises you have to practice.
  3. You watch the video when you want to and you try to do the same with your dog.
  4. You record a video of your training and you post it in the class. You can also post questions at anytime. 
  5. I will watch your video and give you advice, and if I see your dog has understand that exercise, I will give you access to the next video exercise.

Contrary to many online classes in which a new video is posted weekly or biweekly, I will give you access to the another video exercise as soon I am satisfied you have successfully completed the current one.

Advantages of doing it this way: 

  • If you train a lot, you won't have to wait for the next video...
  • People won't go too fast and won't be confused by watching further steps.
  • You learn at your own pace. 

Each week You are allowed to post a maximum of 7 videos with a maximum length of 2 minutes per video. You can ask as many questions as you want. :)

Next class starts on May 24th 2020

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