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Online classes

There is no such thing as distance!

Sign up and learn how to properly teach your dog to understand the agility obstacles so your dog can perform them without you!

The subject:

The class will start and mainly focus on Jumps(wrapping) and tunnels. I will adapt the class for each person. So if you show me that your dog is already able to complete Jumps and tunnel without you moving, we can work on other obstacles. (as long as you have the equipment available to train on your own.)

This class is for:

  • Experienced dogs who need better distance or more independence with the agility obstacles.
  • Young dogs (3 months and older)can learn how to do Wraps and tunnels. (no bars will be used on jumps for young dogs)
  • Dogs who have never done agility and want to learn the proper way. 

Weave like a Pro!

Sign up and learn the way to train your weaves so your dog can do it even without you beside!

The subject:

Your dog will learn how to successfully perform the weaves by understanding the mechanics of it. We use the 2X2 technics which Stephane as modified so the dog really understand what to do.

This class is for:

  • Experienced dogs who have some difficulties with the weave in training and or competition. 
  • Dogs who have never done the weave before and want to learn it the proper way. (dog must be one year or older.)

Make a fun stop! 

Sign up and learn how to teach your dog that stopped contact are fun! 

The subject:

Stephane will teach you his 2on-2off technic using a nose contact on a clear disk! In a day where running contact are trendy,  Not everyone can run fast enough to be able to handle a running contact. This class will help you teach your dog how fun are Stopped contacts so he will always stop and will run full speed on the obstacle in order to go do his stop!

This class is for:

  • Experienced dogs who have a stop contact but have some difficulties with it.
  • Experience dogs who have a running contact and want to learn a stopped contact.
  • Dogs who have never learn stopped contact or/and never done the contact obstacles.

The "ME" command. 

Sign up and learn the "Me" command. Really useful in agility for training and when running your dog.

The subject:

Stephane will teach you the "Me" command he uses all the time. It is useful for: 

  • Placing your dog at the start line
  • Positioning your dog at an exact spot when training obstacles
  • Calling your dog to you between obstacles when running agility

This class is for:

  • Dogs of all ages with or without agility experiences. 
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