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Stephane Lafond representing Canada at the European Open 2013

Weaving workshops!

Ateliers de slalom!

February 22nd & 29th 2020

22  & 29 Février 2020

Get perfect weaves!

Whether you want to initiate your dog to weave, or improve his entry or weaving skills, this workshop is perfect for you! I(Stefan), will evaluate your dog's weaving and we are going to work on what you need.

Here is some of the points we are going to work on depending on what your dogs need: 

  • The dog comprehension of the entry of the weave.
  • Dog keep weaving all the way whether you move with him or not.
  • Speed and Distance

I will provide exercises you can do at home to improve your weaves! 

2 workshops for 90$

When: February 22nd and 29th

Time: from 9am to 11:00am​ 

Price: $90 for both workshops

(You have to take both workshops since we progress from the first one to the next.) 

6 dogs max per workshop. 

Indoor Arena with great sand footing(No sinking!) 

Arena is not heated but there is a heated room for you and your doggies. 

Sorry, The workshop filled out within 24 hrs!

 You can leave us your name so we can tell you when the next one will be. 

Or if you are a group of 5 and more I can do one just for your group. Contact us to let us know . 

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