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Young dog & Regional prep 

Fun Match!

May 25th 2019

1 Gambler, 2 standards & 2 Jumpers

You get 2 minutes per course!

Get ready for Regional by running a regional practice!

Saturday May 25th 2019

From 08:00 to 16:00

Lunch break: 12:00- 12:45

5 Runs - 2 minutes per run!!!

Courses are gonna be numbered both ways: Starter level & Regional level. Run the one you want or both during your 2 minutes!

REGIONAL PREP: If you are going to Regional, this is a great place to get that last minute practice in.......

ADVANCE: if your dog is in the advanced level of training but NOT going to Regional, this is also a great venue to get gain experience with our dog for the upcoming trials.

YOUNG DOG: The courses are going to be numbered both ways: Regional level & Starter level. You run the one you want! Or both in your two minutes!

LUNCH: Take the lunch with us for only $7 per person(free for kids of 12 years old and under) Lunch will be hot dogs, burgers, salads, chips, water and soft drinks.

  • Courses will be judge like a real regional (but you can keep training for remaining time if you get eliminated)
  • 5 runs: 1 gambler, 2 standard, 2 Jumper
  • Gambler: you get the normal time + 20 sec. to retry the final
  • Jumpers and Standards: you get up to a full minute for training
  • You can use toys in the ring (no food)
  • Rubberized contacts, all great equipment!


$45 per dog for all 5 courses

or $10 per dog per course

Optional Lunch: $7/person (free for kids under 12 yo)

Free camping, welcome to tent, trailer and motorhome!

Registration closing by May 12th 2019.

Spots are limited.

*The event will be held outside regardless of weather conditions.

*Only dogs who have been trained in agility can participate.

*No refund policy, except for injured dog with Vet letter.

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