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Marie France & Stephane

Marie-France and Stephane are dog lovers.

"19 years ago, when we bought our first house, we immediately had a dog! A St-Bernard named Goliath. We started taking obedience classes and we liked it a lot! But it wasn't enough for us, we wanted to try agility. Yes! Agility with a St-Bernard is possible!

So we started doing agility back then and we never stopped. We had another St-Bernard, a boxer and then many Border Collies! 🙂 We now have three BCs. With years, our passion for dog agility grew and we took seminars from World Champions instructors. We had many podiums at regionals and Nationals with our dogs. In 2013 and 2014, Stephane represented Canada at the European Open. In 2015, we opened our dog training center: Top Skill K9.

We want to share our passion through our classes, seminars and other activities. We would love to share our 

passion with you!"

Marie-France & Stephane

Our Team

We love sharing our passion for dogs and dog training!

Stephane Lafond

Owner & dog trainer

Stephane competes at international level. He represented Canada at the European Open in 2013 and 2014 and he also was the coach for the Canadian Team. Stephane also had severals podiums at Regionals and Nationals. Stephane wants to share his passion through classes, seminars and other activities. 

Marie-France Tremblay

Owner & Dog trainer

Marie-France has been on many podiums at regionals. Marie-France loves taking care of the dogs so she knows a lots about foods and dog care in general. 

Marie-France loves teaching the new comers. She has the passion and lots of patience to get your dog to work!

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