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Stefane Lafond's Seminars

Hello! I present to you some of seminars I can teach. I can also build a seminar on another topic you want to work on. I would be happy to share my experience and knowledge and help you reach your goals in agility.

Some general information about my seminars:


Maximum working spot of 8 dogs (I suggest 6)


Unlimited auditors


Some seminars are shorter than 8 hrs, you can pair different seminars in a same day.


Seminar can be given in English, French or Bilingual.


Come to my place as a group, or I can travel wherever you are( As long as you pay the transportation cost)


You can video your dog running but not me teaching.


If you don't find the seminar you were looking for, I can set up one on the topic of your choice.


Contact me for pricing.

Topic Specific Seminars

Timing is the key!

• No need to be a fast runner! 
• Learn how to be on time when running your dog. 
• Synchronize yourself with you dog.
• Learn how to never stop during your course so you can keep up with your dog. 
• Signal and call the obstacles at the right time so your dog knows where to go next. 

Level: This seminar can be set up for any levels from beginner to International.

Type: Jumper course or standard course.

Duration: Choose between a 4 hrs or 8 hrs.

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